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Eira High School

Eiran aikuislukio
3 years
Full time
Lukiot ja erikoislukiot

Eira High School

Eira High School

Eira High School

Eira High School is a bilingual program leading to the Finnish High School Leaving Certificate, lukion päättötodistus. The Finnish National Curriculum for Adults specifies that students must complete 44 courses to gain the High School Leaving Certificate and the right to matriculate by taking the Matriculation Examination in Finnish, Ylioppilastutkinto. In Eira high School studies are both in English and in Finnish. High School Studies in Finland take three years with a possibility of a fourth year if necessary. As studies are course-based, students have some freedom to choose the pace of their studies.

Learn Finnish while Studying in English

Students who do not yet master the Finnish language take courses mainly in English and Bilingually and focus on improving their Finnish skills. As students' Finnish skills improve, they start taking courses in Finnish. In the last year of their studies, students take courses primarily in Finnish in preparation for the Matriculation Examination.

In addition to the School Leaving Certificate and Matriculation Examination, High School students study English Language towards the Cambridge International Examination (CIE) qualifications at IGCSE, AS and A Level. Students also have the possibility to  complete Cambridge International Examinations (AS and A-levels) in Biology, Chemistry, History, Mathematics, Psychology and Thinking Skills.

The High School Leaving Certificate - lukion päättötodistus

The High School Leaving Certificate and Matriculation Examination give eligibility to apply to Finnish Universities. The Matriculation Examination is highly recognized when applying to foreign universities.

Further information

To receive more information about the High School in English, you are welcome to fill out the information request form below. 

Admission and requirements

High School applicants should apply through online Application form during the application time.

Eira High School for Adults accepts candidates who

  • Have not yet completed a High School in Finland or abroad
  • Have studied in English or have good English skills
  • Have at least Intermediate Finnish skills, level B1.1 preferred
  • Are permanently resident in Finland.

Degree / Diploma

  • The Finnish High School Leaving Certificate
  • The Finnish Matriculation exam
  • Cambridge AS and A level

Request information

Want to know more about this program, Eira High School? Fill out the following form and include any questions you have. This information will be sent directly to the school, and a representative will respond to your enquiry.

Eiran aikuislukio

Eiran aikuislukio

Eiran aikuislukio – aikuinen meininki!

Eiran aikuislukio on yksi Suomen suurimpia ja monipuolisimpia kouluja. Eiran aikuislukiossa voi suorittaa lukion ja peruskoulun oppimäärän, opiskella yksittäisiä kursseja tai suorittaa lukion kaksikielisessä lukiossa. Eirassa voi myös suorittaa koko lukion verkossa.  Lukuvuoden aikana Eiran aikuislukiossa opiskelee yhteensä noin 3000...

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Eiran aikuislukio

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